1:1 online training with a WordPress/WooCommerce Specialist will help you to master WooCommerce and ensure your store is working effectively.

Building your own ecommerce store with WooCommerce sounds good in theory.... it's the practical side of it that can cause untold stress. It doesn't matter which store software you use, it is a major learning curve if you have never used it before. It takes time to master any system and to ensure it is working effectively.

If you are really keen and want to take control of building or running your own WooCommerce store then you will find at some point that there are questions you just can't seem to answer, or you can spend hours looking for an answer for something that takes 5 minutes to fix. 


"Big thank you to Kathie. I wanted to open my Instagram shop with my art products but I found out I needed to first have a website shop up and running to take orders and payments. It meant setting up a website commerce page from scratch with all my products, shopping cart and payments. Thanks to Kathie’s expertise and proficiency, it happened seamlessly and swiftly. I’m totally over the moon with the look and functionality.

I can highly recommend Kathie to help you set up your website shop. She personalised my shop so it looks and fits in perfectly with the rest of my website. I can’t thank you enough Kathie."

Aesha Kennedy

We have three options to help you out:

Option 1:

 Quick Fix WooCommerce help

20 Minutes WooCommerce Help  

Perfect for those times when you can't figure out what is going on or need an extra set of eyes on a problem


Option 2:

 1:1 WooCommerce Training

5 hours 1:1 WooCommerce Training 

Learn the ins and outs of your WooCommerce store in 1:1 training sessions via Zoom covering any areas you need support with.


Option 3: 

Full WooCommerce Store Build

We Take Care of Everything 

If you want to spend time doing what you love and not learning WooCommerce then we can build and maintain your online store for you. 

Book a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call to discuss your options.