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Keeping Stress at bay

Stressful situations are all around you; a deadline at work, an argument with a loved one, or a surprise bill in the mail.  These are considered temporary stresses and will come and go during your lifetime.  To cope with any kind of stress, your best bet is to start off in “a better place”.  By that I mean you should do things in your life to help you feel confident and good about yourself.  That way you’re better able to cope with any stressful situations that come along, and you may even begin to calmly handle situations that previously stressed you out.


Here are some tips for stress relief:

Is your stress real or is it mostly created in your mind?  Step away from the situation for a moment and ask yourself if you’re taking it too far and making a mountain out of a molehill.  Look at the situation compared to something severe i.e. is the fact that you didn’t get to the bank on time really a major stress compared to the illness of a loved one? Calm yourself down and talk yourself through and keep it in perspective.

Sometimes you have to do something that you simply don’t want to do and this can make you feel stressed.  If you must do this thing, don’t procrastinate because this causes the stress to build.  Break the task down into smaller, manageable bites and start it.  Sometimes just the act of starting can bring stress relief.

Can you change what stresses you?  If you can, then take action to change it even if you’re afraid to.  Taking action is a huge stress reliever.   If you can’t change the stressful situation, then realise no amount of worrying about it will help.

Taking care of yourself is very important in preventing and dealing with stress.  Learn how to do relaxation breathing, meditation, or yoga or just take some time out to listen to your favourite music or read a book.  30 minutes of YOU time can make all the difference.  Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and eat healthy foods.  Do what you can in these areas, but don’t stress about it if you’re not perfect.

Another big stress reliever is to volunteer and help others.  This takes the focus off you and on puts it on other people with problems much bigger than yours.  You feel good about helping, plus it puts your own worries into proper perspective.

Relief from stress can come from talking to someone who can help, taking care of yourself, taking action instead of dwelling on the problem, and helping others.  By following these suggestions you can learn to deal with the stressful situations that come your way.

Article written by Kathie Holmes