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Are you a procrastinator?

Do you put things off whenever you can?

Do you put files in draws hoping they will go away if you can’t see them?

Do you avoid taking on work that has a deadline?

Do you always find an excuse why you didn’t finish a task?  Does that excuse usually involve someone else and never blame you?

Are you sitting there now thinking “that’s not me” but deep down you know it really is?

It’s time to take action.   Procrastination only achieves one thing – it delays the inevitable.

Fighting procrastination concept - do it phrase on color sticky notes posted on a cork bulletin board

It’s time to change your ways.   It’s time to just DO IT!   Stop putting things off because they are too hard or you don’t really like doing them.

If it is a task that comes up time and time again then consider outsourcing the job.  Why leave it to pile up and then spend hours not doing it and not achieving much at all when you could pay someone else a relatively small amount do get it done for you.

Things like bookkeeping, writing articles, social media content and cleaning are just some of the main areas of procrastination.

The amount of energy that is taken up by procrastination is incredible.  Not only do you not do the task but the little voice in your head keeps popping back in telling you that you should really do that task anyway.  While that is happening you are not really focusing on what you are trying to do so the end result is a poor effort all round.

Take action now and JUST DO IT!!!! End procrastination forever.

Article written by Kathie Holmes.

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