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Dropship/Online Retailer Application Template

Before agreeing to stock your products with a retailer or dropshipper it is important to have them fill out an application form to give you vital information about their business and make your terms of trade very clear.

Below is our Dropship/Online Retailer Application Form template.  Please adapt it as needed for your business.

Click Here to download Dropshipping or Online Retailer Application Template

Dropship Trading Terms Template

If you are setting up a dropship facility for a retailer you want to be clear on your trading terms.  Our Trading Terms Template is a basic guideline to get you started.  Please alter it in any way that you feel would suit your business. Click here to download ourDropship Trading Terms Template

Dropshipping FAQ Template

Our dropshipping FAQ template can be adapted for use on your own site or for sending to your retailers regarding dropshipping. Click here to download the Dropshipping FAQ Template

Business Plan Outline

Before you put together your business plan or visit your Accountant to do it for you we suggest downloading our Business Plan Outline and completing the questions.  The answers will give you a clear overview of your business before the business plan is prepared. Click here to download our Business Plan Outline

Social Media Spreadsheet

Scheduling your social media posts will save you not only time in the long run but also stress by knowing ahead of time what you are going to post. Our Social Media Spreadsheet gives you an area to pre set your Facebook posts so you can just cut and paste to Facebook when you areContinue Reading